Jon Bannon - Co-Owner

Lori has had two other careers (banking and production planning) before she fell in love with dog grooming​.  ​Lori is  recently widowed with 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren that can sometimes be spotted vacuuming the shop floor.  She also has 3 dogs that come to work everyday - a Golden Retrievers, a Cairn Terrier and a Schnoodle.

You can usually find Renee bathing or blowing drying a dog, but she has been know to pick up a clipper and help with a shave down in a pinch.​  Renee has 2 Black Labrador Retrievers.

Princess - The Shop Cat

Jon has known he wanted to work with dogs since an early age.  He started out going to friends homes grooming their dogs.  Jon and his wife, Erin, have 3 dogs - a Sheltie, a Shih Tzu and a King Charles Cavalier Terrier.  Jon has a little girl named Oliver Elizabeth that loves stopping to see her dad.

Brooke Witwer - Groomer

Meet the Team

Lori Stick - Co-Owner

Brooke is a part time groomer but is great about coming in when we need her in a pinch for extra coverage or when someone is out.  Brooke is Jon's sister-in-law.  She has a German Shepherd and a Lhasa Aspo mix.

Renee' Caspescha - Bather

The Total Dog and a Little Cat