The Total Dog and a Little Cat


Jon Bannon - Co-Owner

Lori has had two other careers (banking and production planning) before she fell in love with dog grooming​.  ​Lori is  recently widowed with 2 grown daughters and 5 grandchildren that can sometimes be spotted vacuuming the shop floor.  She also has 4 dogs that come to work everyday - 2 Golden Retrievers, a Cairn Terrier and a Schnoodle.

Jon has known he wanted to work with dogs since an early age.  He started out going to friends homes grooming their dogs.  Jon and his wife, Erin, have 3 dogs - a Sheltie, a Shih Tzu and a King Charles Cavalier Terrier.  There will soon be a special addition to their family - a baby girl, Olive Elizabeth, expected this fall.

Brooke Witwer - Groomer

Lori Stick - Co-Owner

You can usually find Renee bathing or blowing drying a dog, but she has been know to pick up a clipper and help with a shave down in a pinch.​  Renee has 2 Black Labrador Retrievers.

Princess - The Shop Cat

Meet the Team

Brooke is a part time groomer but is great about coming in when we need her in a pinch for extra coverage or when someone is out.  Brooke is Jon's sister-in-law.  She has a German Shepherd and a Lhasa Aspo mix.

Renee' Caspescha - Bather